Our Story

Starting out in Brampton, ON in Canada, The StylePak™ was born with relationship at the heart -  with mad love for our city and Canada.  As much as possible, we strive for locally made, locally sourced vendors, for enthusiasts that know that hometown pride is always in style.

#shoplocal because we believe that #madeincanadamatters


{Our brand MISSION} to help individuals build confidence in their own personal style one cool brown box at a time 

{Our brand VISION} that gentlemen realize, personal style & confidence can create power & influence for those who wish to elevate themselves to greater possibilities.



The StylePak™ was created so you can: 

  • spend your free time doing what you love... not dealing with crowded malls and sales staff that don't share your style sensibilities
  • maximize your wardrobe by adding just a few stylish accents  
  • get the Personal Stylist experience without spending a lot of money or time
  • update a classic wardrobe with a few modern elements
  • get him a gift that is stylish, timely and customized to suit his taste



Absolutely! The StylePak™ makes an awesome gift. Anyone of any age can enjoy their own customized Style in a Box. We recommend you sign up for one of our convenient monthly subscription so you can take advantage of exclusive discounts and enjoy a stylish surprise to your doorstep each month.