Nrth. More than just another emerging iconic men’s lifestyle brand; it’s a lifestyle brand that is BOLD, stylish and authentic and lets you feel the same when you’re sporting their gear! When you take to their site, it’s hard to ignore that it must be much the same feelings experienced by the audacious visionaries who designed Toronto’s wold-renown CN Tower. When asked, this vision for an authentic, yet stylish, Canadian lifestyle brand is what propels the young duo that founded nrth.

Founders, Matthew Pugliese and Antonio De Leo are the visionary design team behind one of Toronto’s newest emerging brands. These two gents have their fingers on the pulse of what their clients want and when combing that with their long term vision, this means they will be launching in to a full-fledged lifestyle brand early this Fall/Winter 2015.  

The GTA based brand is not just looking to sell you some tourist style shirts to remember your visit to #the6ix – they focus on quality and brand-building nrth into a lifestyle line with longevity in mind.

As the excitement builds up to the debut of this fresh new line that including casual wear, their signature style T’s (and don’t kid yourself, this is not your run-of-the-mill T-shirt). You can meet and greet these dynamic entrepreneurs and their new Fall/Winter 2015 line at various events in the city here in T.O. I got to sit down with the founders of the up and coming brand to find out more about what sets them apart from the rest.

CRUZ: So, what’s your story, have you guys always worked in design and retail clothing?

Truthfully, we both started off in the total opposites! I (Matthew) actually started off my career in the animal industry. Working with all different species of reptiles and amphibians to ensure their care and husbandry was in perfect condition in a captive environment. Nature is a beautiful thing! But I have always had a love and interest in fashion.

I (Antonio) have been working in the construction industry once I completed my schooling. It always came easy to me and I did not mind working with my hands! Since then I have gone to start my own venture in crown moulding before my new founded passion in nrth took over. Now my love for the high quality clothing wear has taken over!


CRUZ: What inspires two twenty-somethings growing up in and around Toronto to start a clothing line?

We both can agree our inspiration came from our countless days thinking of a better future for the both of us.  The fashion/clothing industry has always been something that we both love in every way shape and form. So we began thinking of making this work for us to get out of our current positions and pursue this love! Once we started our thoughts, our main inspiration came from making sure every single person that wanted to wear a piece of our clothing knew that it was of high quality as well as designed and manufactured locally! Local shopping and local love!


 CRUZ: What’s your creative inspiration source when designing new pieces?

For us, it truly does begin with the colors and fabrics that we believe will do the season/collection justice. Once we are comfortable with that, we then take it to our personal styles and begin creating pieces that we know we would wear on a day-to-day basis. If we wouldn’t wear it, then why would anyone else? We combine both of our different perspectives of fashion with always the appropriate edge of the TORONTO urban attitude and voilà! It always comes together.


CRUZ: Where can we find your items other than online?

Well, currently we are located in two retail stores throughout the GTA. Our first is located in Woodbridge, at Studio on 7 and the other located in Toronto, at Brimz Official. Come this fall/winter, we have several other retailers that will be displaying our line as well. So stay tuned with our webpage and social media feeds for updates!


CRUZ: Anything new in the works for next season that we can get the early dish on?

We shouldn’t be letting this secret out, BUT since this is extremely exciting for us - nrth will be producing a 100% all-natural cologne line. Yes cologne! Once again, all we can say is stay tuned and updated for all our team news!