Brand Partner Feature: Aristocrats Bows n Ties

The Global Gent

The nature of menswear as an industry is hardly fickle. This is an industry catering to the gentleman shopper who not only understands style and image in a way that his counterparts of 15 years ago would never appreciate but this gent more importantly better understands HIMSELF than ever before.

I have written in the past about the Global Gent and the trend towards fashion and self-expression, but is it a fad? I don’t think so… I do believe that this is a full on culture shift and anyone not rising with this tide will not only find himself desperately frustrated, terribly irrelevant… or both.

The popularity of men’s accessories is growing and becoming part of the expectation in personal care and appearance. So naturally, there has to be an even faster growing supply for this steadily growing demand. Enter the handy dandy online men’s accessory boutique. Every gent, depending on his budget will inevitably invest in new suiting but the real fun is in the details!

Aristocrat Black Silk Bow Tie

Online boutiques like Aristocrats Bows n Ties, based in Toronto, Canada are not only extremely relevant but they are quickly becoming a mainstay of the menswear shopping experience; and here’s why:

A gentleman may only have his classic white shirts and 3 basic suits hanging in the closet (navy, grey and black) and yet by weaving in a few accessories like a splashes of colour through his silk tie or a bit of personality through a patterned pocket square (or round), he can create multiple different looks instantly that will give him fresh modern looks for an entire season.

Investing in a great selection of accessories not only looks great but is very cost effective. Aristocrats Bows n Ties sells all their men’s accessories for UNDER $25 CAD. At that price a gentleman shopper just extended his wardrobe by weeks just by adding a few accessory essentials and a couple hundred dollars!

Aristocrats Bows n Ties are one of my favourite places to pick up reasonably priced and uniquely styled pieces for my gentleman clients. They are dedicated to providing tasteful neck wear and pockets squares at an affordable price. They are passionate about providing customers with an opportunity to be themselves and invite them to find their own style.

It doesn't end there, this company has taken the next step to smart business savvy and provided a Loyalty Program to give back to their customers for shopping with them. Customers earn points for every dollar spent then simply redeem the points for future purchases. Need any more incentive to hop online and dive in to the world of menswear… and you know it will always fit!