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Nrth. More than just another emerging iconic men’s lifestyle brand; it’s a lifestyle brand that is BOLD, stylish and authentic and lets you feel the same when you’re sporting their gear! When you take to their site, it’s hard to ignore that it must be much the same feelings experienced by the audacious visionaries who designed Toronto’s wold-renown CN Tower. When asked, this vision for an authentic, yet stylish, Canadian lifestyle brand is what propels the young duo that founded nrth. Founders, Matthew Pugliese and Antonio De Leo are the visionary design team behind one of Toronto’s newest emerging brands. These two gents have their fingers on the pulse of what their clients want and when combing that with...

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Brand Partner Feature: The Barber's Brew Company

So it's the trend of the year it seems: the bearded man. Coincidentally it's also the accessory of the season for ladies: a bearded man... Grow them if you will but all I ask is that if you decide to grow a Gentleman's beard (any kind of facial hair really) dare I ask that you maintain that bad boy with the right essentials. The Castaway look done right can be very sexy So-Cal, however,done wrong will only leave you with your volleyball to keep you company! Gentlemen: So how do you suggest we maintain the look so dudes envy it and girls dig it? Simple. The Barbers Brew Grooming Company.  { Enjoy 3 awesome fragrances made with essential oils }...

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Brand Partner Feature: Aristocrats Bows n Ties

The nature of menswear as an industry is hardly fickle. This is an industry catering to the gentleman shopper who not only understands style and image in a way that his counterparts of 15 years ago would never appreciate but this gent more importantly better understands HIMSELF than ever before. I have written in the past about the Global Gent and the trend towards fashion and self-expression, but is it a fad? I don’t think so… I do believe that this is a full on culture shift and anyone not rising with this tide will not only find himself desperately frustrated, terribly irrelevant… or both. The popularity of men’s accessories is growing and becoming part of the expectation in personal...

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